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All of the following specimens are referred to as Azurite Suns and are found in the Malbunka Copper Mine, Western Aranda Co., Areyonga (Utju), Central Australia, Northern Territory, Australia. As mentioned in the November/December  2012 issue of Rocks and Minerals, “ The dominant shape ... are discoidal plates of Azurite, referred to as “suns” composed of numerous fine multilayered flat crystals of Azurite arranged in radial and concentric growths ... in white to red Kaolinite.” Almost all of the Azurites are a uniformly dark royal blue with shapes ranging from spherical to somewhat distorted. The matrix is composed of Kaolin and Kaolin sandstone and is whiter than they appear in the images below.

#CM9  $32.00

4 x 3 x 2 cm

0.6 cm largest azurite on the left

Bottom sun appears to be oriented on its side