Bunker Hill Mine

All of the following Pyromorphites are from the Bunker Hill Mine
 in Kellogg, Idaho. They are from the Jersey Vein, 9th Level, 17-23 Floors
of that mine. These were mined in the early 1990's.


Several hexagonal, dark green/yellow, lustrous Pyromorphite crystals extend in all directions off the entire front face of this specimen. All of the crystals are in great shape and from the back you can see that the uppermost Pyromorphite crystals have grown one upon the other to form an arch shape.

#CE126  $115.00

1¼ x 1 x ½"with individual crystals to ¼ x  1/8"

                                                                #CE128  $50.00

A large, single crystal of green to yellow Pyromorphite, lustrous and in very good shape. It may appear in the image on the right, in the enlargements, that some of the bottom of the crystal is missing, but it is not. The crystal is intact with the only point of attachment being located at the bottom of the "stem".  5/8 x  3/8 x  1/2"

                                                                #CE129  $100.00

A grouping of light orange, barrel shaped Pyromorphite crystals with white Pyromorphite covering the tops of almost all of the crystals in this group. The enlargement is much more representative of this specimen. 1¼ x 1¼ x 1" with individual crystals to ½ x ¼"

                                                                    #CE130   $85.00  

A secondary coating of burnt orange, lustrous Pyromorphite is covering hexagonal crystals lying below that cover the entire front face of this specimen. The top of the piece may show contact with another surface which prevented the burnt orange covering from forming there, hence the dull yellowish coloring to only the top of the specimen.2 x 1¼ x 1" with individual crystals to 3/8 x  3/8"

                                                                #CE132  $85.00

Mounted in a thumbnail box is a specimen of green/yellow, lustrous Pyromorphite that appears to have formed as two parallel crystals of essentially the same height, with a smaller third crystal, thus creating a vertical chasm between the crystals. The specimen is entirely Pyromorphite.1 x ¾ x ½"

#CE133  $85.00

 1¾ x 1 x 1¾"

Burnt orange, lustrous Pyromorphite covers almost the entire front face of this specimen, along with one side. The crystals seem to be laying on top of each other along the main ridge of the specimen and on other ridge.

#CE134  $96.00

Numerous yellow/green crystals of lustrous Pyromorphite cover the top ridge of this specimen along with crystals that have grown upon each other and now appear to be extending up off this ridge. The back side closely resembles this front side. 1¼ x  5/8 x  5/8" with crystal perched on top 3/8 x ¼" 

#CE135  $65.00

Numerous, well defined, yellow/green crystals of Pyromorphite cover the entire front face of this specimen. All the edges of the crystals on the left side are a more deep yellow color. There is some small bits of matrix that pop through the crystals toward the bottom right of the specimen as seen in the image.              1¼ x ¾ x ¼" with largest crystal to 3/8 x  1/8".

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