#CJ104A   $88.00

Xiang Hua Ling Mine
Hunan Prov., China

An interesting specimen with 3 distinct generations of Fluorite all present on this 6 x 5.8 x 4.5 cm specimen.  The specimen begins with a light to medium purple colored Fluorite base. On this purple Fluorite sits a medium green 3.5 x 4 cm octohedral Fluorite crystal. At the base of this octohedral crystal sits square and rectangular crystals of Fluorite, which are a light to clear color and readily distinguish themselves from the other green Fluorite. Some of these lighter Fluorite crystals begin to creep up on one side of the octohedral Fluorite. All of the crystals are in good shape.


                                                               #CG39  $44.00

                                                              Yao Gan Xian
                                                        Hunan Prov., China 

One cube of Fluorite, measuring ½ x ¾ x ½" and a grouping of cubes are places on a medium dark gray matrix making the entire specimen measure 4 x 1½ x 2". The Fluorites are basically clear with certain edges and cube points having a concentration of purple. The purple coloration seems to be quite random.


                                                        #CA112   $48.00 

                                     Xiang Hualin,  Hunan Prov.,  China

This Fluorite specimen is composed of 5 main Fluorite cubes,  interconnected to form a specimen that is 3¼x 3 x 2 ¾" high. The main Fluorite crystal is 1¾ x 1½" and the intergrown crystals measures from ¾ to 1¼" across. All the crystals area medium green color and white inclusions are present in each crystal. All the edges and faces of the main Fluorite crystals are intact and free of damage. 

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