Minerals from India

                                                           #CH206  $165.00

                    PENTAGONITE on STILBITE     Wagholi Quarry, Bombay, India

A deep, royal blue mound of Pentagonite crystals extends off the top of this 0.5 x 0.625 x 0.5" specimen. The main cluster of Pentagonite crystals measures 0.375 x 0.375" with additional smaller clusters located around the specimen. Gem-like crystals can be seen in the images above. 


                                                            #CE148  $35.00

                                            CAVANSITE on APOPHYLLITE
                                                            Wargholi, India 

A ¼ x ¼ x ¼" bright, deep blue ball of Cavansite is sitting up off a bed of white to clear Apophyllite crystals making the entire specimen measure 2 x 1½ x 1".


                                                        #CG53  $48.00

                                      CAVANSITE on DRUZY QUARTZ
                                                        Poona, India 

An excellent, dark, royal blue ball of Cavansite sits to one side of this 2 x 2 x 1½" specimen. The Cavansite measures  5/8 x  1/2 x  3/8".


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