Minerals 4

                                                                #CH122  $65.00

                                            AMPHIBOLE var. HORNBLENDE
                                      near Eganville, Renfrew Co.  Ontario, Canada

Dark black, terminated crystals of Hornblende make up the bulk of this 3.25 x 2.5 x 2" specimen. An old Foote Mineral Co. label accompanies the specimen, with the number on the label matching the number on the specimen.


                                                        #CD214   $54.00

                                  CALCITE,  PYRITE and CHALCOPYRITE 
                                                       Cavnic, Romania 

Numerous bright, small, lustrous Pyrite and Chalcopyrite crystals are scattered all over the top of white, plate-like Calcite crystals that make up the this 3 x 2¼ x 1¼" specimen. 


                                                                #CD203   $23.00

                                                        QUARTZ after  SEPTERIAN
                                                                    Mato Grosso, Brazil

As explained to me, this is the center of a Septerian Nodule, without the nodule. It is now a grainy, medium to light gray Quartz with a disc like center and fin-like sheets extending perpendicular from the center of each side. This specimen measures 1¾ x 1½ x 1".

                                                                #CE266  $125.00

                                            Adelaide Mine Dundas, Tasmania, Australia

Numerous, blade-like, bright red/orange crystals of Crocoite contrast well next to the brown/mustard matrix. The largest of the blades extend to ½" and all 3 sides of this 2½ x 1½ x 1½" specimen have numerous Crocoite blades on them. This is indeed a 360º specimen. To see all three side, click on the image.


#CG111  $10.00

Gascoyne River, Mooka Station

An dark mustard/orange  color encompasses the entire 2.25 x 0.75 x 0.75 " specimen of Limonite after Marcasite. I'm not quite sure what it resembles, but the circular core and pointed extensions from the center of each side make this quite sculptural. 

                                                                #CG126  $45.00

                                                GALENA with CHALCOPYRITE
                Milliken (Sweetwater) Mine, Viburnum Trend, Reynolds Co., Missouri

This complete, 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 ", bright silver, lustrous cube of Galena has what some refer to a "mosaic" appearance to it. It is great condition with a few small Chalcopyrite crystals located on the back sides of the specimen.


#CF95  $25.00

Zomba, Malawi


Several jet black, lustrous crystals of Aegirine make up this 2¼ x ½ x ¾" specimen. Each of the ends of the 4 main crystals are sharply pointed and there are 3 other pointed , smaller crystals on the back.

                                                            #CH32  $25.00

                                SMITHSONITE on STALACTITIC  GOSSAN 
                             Propriety Mine, Broken Hill N. S. Wales, Australia 

With 2 old labels, one from John Albanese Fine Minerals, this 2.5 x 1.5 x 1.25" specimen consists of small, double terminated, oblong shaped crystals of Smithsonite on  gray "Stalactitic Gossan".

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