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                                                #CF43  $250.00 ==> $125.00  

            CALCITE on CALCITE with possibly  SCHEELITE     Hunan Prov., China

A very large specimen consisting of opaque to clear, white Calcite crystals, individually measuring to 2 x 1" and covering a 4½ x 7" portion of the top of the specimen. These top crystals mound together and fluoresce a bright red color. The bottom of the specimen consists of white, geometric Calcite that also fluoresces red, but not as brightly as the top, and measures 7 x 3½" . In between the two growths is a thin layer of tiny white crystals which appear to be small Scheelite crystals. This thin layer fluoresces a light blue and acts as a thin blue  line between the two Calcites.  The entire specimen measures 9 x 7 x 5½" and all of the above descriptions can be better understood by clicking on either image and taking a look at the additional images and enlargements.


                                                            #CF29  $32.00 ==> $18.00

                                                        APATITE    Minas Gerais, Brazil 

A 3¾ x 3 x 2" grouping of light to medium gray Apatite crystals. Some of the crystals on the back side of the specimen are incomplete and reveal that the gray coloring is just a thin covering under which the crystals are a lustrous black. Certain areas of the crystal fluoresce a weak orange.

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